Lilash Eyelash Serum On Sale

Short and thin eyelash is usually caused by heredity, disease, aging or long-term use of cosmetics. Lilash eyelash growth serum can help to lengthen, thicken and darken eyelashes during any of the above conditions. This product is physician formulated and has passed clinically test to be an effective serum for even most sensitive eyes.

Lilash serum is made up of 100% herb extracts. The main ingredients prunus amyodalus and lupinus albus extracts, work to enhance cell metabolism and restructure hair fibers to promote eyelash growth. Lilash is considered to be the best serum for people who have sensitive skin and eyes, as this product does not contain any chemical irritants to damage your eyes. Eyelash serum need to be applied once or twice a week to maintain the effect after getting desired effect. If not, eyelash will return to the original length. Therefore, Lilash with lowest price and best effect is your optimal choice.

It is your time to free you eyelash from heavy mascaras or chemical fake extensions. Just brush a small amount of lilash eyelash serum along your eyelid every night before bed, you will regrow naturally longer fuller and thicker eyelashes in few weeks. Manufacturer promised that visible difference can be seen in two weeks, and the complete result will be seen in 8-12 weeks. After getting ideal result, you can keep on using lilash once or twice a week to maintain the effect.

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